PLS - UAS/Drone Services

Our experienced and FAA licensed sUAS pilots have the necessary training to understand your business objective and how UAS/drone systems can be leveraged in commercial applications to achieve them.  We take the time to clearly define goals, expectations and deliverables prior to launching any project and will work with required authorities to ensure all permissions required including FAA waivers are obtained.  No two projects are the same, but we leverage industry standard best practices and procedures to ensure a standardized process and approach where safety is rule #1.


Services Provided:


  • Aerial Mapping – For Forestry and Land Surveying applications, get maps and models including geo-ortho photos, 3D maps, volume measurements, and digital elevation models. 

  • High Resolution Photography – photos of previously unseen angles of sites, woodlands, structures and areas of interest

  • High Resolution Video – 4K aerial video to enable commercial imagery use enhancement

  • Asset Inspection & Monitoring

  • sUAS/Aerial Infrared (Thermal) Thermography Services - detect anomalies beneath surfaces to accelerate inspections or prevent issues.


Data - our approach to your project & its data

All sUAS/Drone operators have a duty to act responsibly and in everyone’s best interest.  As such any images or data captured by a drone are treated in an appropriate manner.  This includes a written privacy policy that will be created prior to any flight detailing:

  • The type of data being collected (images, video, etc)

  • The reason for the data capture

  • PLS company rules on retention and dissemination of data

  • Parties (if any) beyond the client and their contract whom the data can be shared

  • Required approvals (including abutting landowners if required)

  • Security before and after data collection against physical or cyber theft

  • Monitoring of federal, state and local laws with regard to privacy and adjusting operational practices and procedures as necessary.


All PLS flights are performed by fully insured & FAA licensed Remote Pilots with UAS ratings.