What can a consulting forester do for you?


A consulting forester is a licensed professional who provides an independent business approach to forestry services for landowners. A consulting forester's business is not affiliated with any timber buyer (such as a sawmill). At PLS, we balance the needs of the landowner with the environment and provide services that range from  timber volume estimates, inventories, appraisals, marketing & sales, timber sale administration and overall forest management planning as well as tree planting, timber stand improvement, trespass appraisals, and damage assessment. 


PLS specializes in habitat & wildlife improvement cuts as well as management practices geared toward hunting and wildlife preserves to increase the lands carrying capacity for both game and non game species. Charges for these services may be based on per acre, per unit volume, per day, or by commission.


Land Stewardship Planning


PLS provides comprehensive natural resource planning that meets the goals of its clients while focusing on the best and most productive use of the resources you while at the same time taking into account harmony with the landscape that surrounds it. 


Have you thought about:

 - What are your priorities, long term management goals for your property?

 - Are you interested in both timber management and wildlife/game management?

 - Do you use or plan to use the land for some other form of recreation for yourself or others?

 - Are you interested primarily in aesthetics?

 - Do you  need a land management plan as part of your estate planning?

 - Are you interested in all of the above?


We can help you with that!